This work revolves around transitory experiences of my surroundings.  In my images the phenomena of weather and movement transform even the most banal and familiar environments into something romantic and reveal them as random, vulnerable and transient.

I am especially attracted to old industrial buildings and structures which are  left stranded in static zones, fenced off, anticipating regeneration. Often, in the congested south east, these sites are surrounded by a frenzy of building activity: glass offices, housing and pre-fabricated warehouses going up in any available space. Against all this the older buildings stand out as individual and take you back in time reminding us how things have changed in recent times – economies, lifestyles and environment. Despite the historical weight and solid build of these structures they are often in a deteriorating, indeterminate state as they await transformation. The building accessories which litter these sites, such as security fencing, signs and piles of rubble, become important details in my images as they are indicators of the current state of transition.

I am also inspired by ‘non places’ glimpsed whilst passing by in a car or train on the way to somewhere else. Typically these are views of fields with pylons or a complex suburban packing of houses along a busy road: the over-familiar, unappreciated backdrops to our busy lives. In these in-between places there are interesting contrasts and boundaries: private and public worlds meet, old integrates with new, repetition incorporates variation and man made is set against nature.